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The Idea of Food-bank

The Idea of Food-bank

Hope Uplift Foundation with the aim of helping others has been working hard to gather donations from all modes of income possible. The main purpose has always been to serve those who have been financially unlucky and cannot afford to feed their families. Those food items that are basic necessities can even sometimes become an absolute luxury for these people. And this was when the idea of Food-bank clicked. The basic aim was to make these simple food items available to them.

The idea was to place refrigerators holding different food items that can be easily accessible at all times. Firstly we started placing refrigerators outside our Head Office. All the eatables are usually placed under our supervision. Our attendants make sure that everyone gets a fair share. The specialty of this idea is that it is to make food accessible at all times for the needy ones.

This idea has proved to be a successful venture that we have converted Food-bank as a regular activity that can be setup to help the needy ones now easier to grab a meal, some vegetables, or anything perishable that can be kept fresh. This new Idea can be proven to be a great way for everyone to contribute by donating food so that someone can be thankful to you.

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