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My name is Sarfraz Ahmed. I was deported from saudi Arabia in 2014, I was very upset because I alone was taking care of my family back home. My mom was a heart patient who didn’t had any other sources of income and also didn’t had any property on my name. Because of all this, I talked to my sister in law who was teaching in H.U.F school. She gave me a suggestion of meeting Miss Lubna Shakoh.

From 2014 till now, everything is changed in my life. She gave me everything wich is I needed the most. First of all Ma’am Lubna gave me cash for marking my own mobiles repairing lab and after that she gave me funds for motorbike. After some months, my shop owner started making trouble. He broke his agreement which made that time very difficult for me. I went to HUF again and explained my condition then they again helped me by arranging a Visa and Ticket. After which I return back to my home town a got a job there.

I was having trouble with my eye sight so, she HUF helped me in my treatment. Besides all this, she also helped my mother in eye treatment, two time.

When I was on vacations in Pakistan, she gave me funds for home maintenance and then arranged my visa expense. When I booked my flight for U.A.E, my boss planned for leaving his company and in this case, I once again didn’t had any Money for buying new visa or job. So, when I told her all this regarding not having any job anymore, HUF gave my 6500 A.E.D for my flat.

So now, I’m earning money by giving bed spaces and became a business man and happy person also I send money to my home for my home expenses. Now my family is so happy and praying for Ma’am Lubna Shakoh and for HUF also.

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