At the end, it is all about individuals and families - where you donation makes an impact. Whether a student striving to achieve, to people surviving in natural disasters, to a family overcoming distress... these are their stories.


No Home | No Water

As winter deepens, our goal is to get dry ration, water, huts, warm clothes, and winter bedding to as many victims as we can. Recently, we delivered 400 quilts (razai), and also had a Quilts Drive for DG Kahn flood relief. A double quilt is just 1350 pkr/- ($6), and can save a life.

In our 2022 Flood Drives, we delivered 10 truckloads of rations (15,000 ration packs), mosquito nets, tents and over 2000 quilts, totaling a value of over 15 million pkr. Each ration pack inlcudes atta, ghee, tea, powdered milk, biscuits, water bottles, channa, salt, sugar, dates, match boxes, and lighters).

We have directly delivered to and reached flood victims including in Thari Mirwah Village (Khairpur District), Choti Zareen DG Khan, Dera Murad Jamali (Balochistan) and Kot Diji (Khairpur, Sindh).


Under this program, we help specific underprivileged persons or families that are in distress or agony. This includes urgent medical care/operations, water connection, home/roof collapse, electrical or gas connection, help in marriage, getting released from bonded labor and other areas. We have helped over 1,000,000 people in need during our 23 years since inception.


Every year an annual mass wedding ceremony is organized by HUF for underprivileged couples. Around 25 to 30 couples, including Muslims and Christians, tie knots in the same ceremony. We also arrange household items through donations and set up a new home for them.

How to Donate

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