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  • 73/4 K Block Commercial Area, D.H.A Phase 1, Lahore, Pakistan
  • 042-37186005 | 0300 8449319

Help HUF in Starting Evening School Classes!

Rs 500,000.00 Needed Donation

Hope Uplift Foundation School System is starting an evening school for children who are unable to get admission or are unable to study during daylight hours. HUF School Enrollment is already full to its capacity and hence we have no further space for any new students but we’re trying to enroll these new student’s in our evening teaching program since there are a lot of parents who come to our school and want their children to be enrolled at the Hope Uplift Foundation School System.

Recently, A mother came to Hope Uplift Foundation and was weeping. She is a poor lady and her husband doesn’t do any work. Her child applied for admission in playgroup class. She saw a list and didn’t see her child’s name. She has now requested Hope Uplift Foundation for help.

Now its our job to do something for her child and get her child admitted for the evening learning session. It’s our humble request to everyone to help us in starting evening school for all these children.

At present there are more than 500 children waiting for admission. The mothers of these children are very frustrated and are so desperate that they even touch the feet of the members of the Management and the Staff at Hope Uplift Foundation to get admission for their kids.

Thus, Hope Uplift Foundation Management has taken the initiative to start an evening school for these 500 students in the same premises for playgroup to 5th grade.

Classes will take place from from Monday – Saturday.

Only Rs 1000 per student is required monthly as evening school students does not require to wear a uniform.

Hence, 500000 per month are required monthly to work towards this noble cause efficiently.

Together, let’s all work towards in making these parent’s dreams come true and give these children a source of torch towards education through your active participation.