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Help Azhar Pay Debt for Family

Rs 85,000.00 Needed Donation

Azhar has a handicapped child from birth who had three surgeries but the child is totally paralyzed. He took one loan from his office where he has a small job and will slowly pay them back. The other loan from his sisters in-laws of Rs. 1 lac.

Some of the money he has paid back and now owes them Rs. 95000. They have sent his sister and her three children back and will not let them back until she gives Rs. 95000 loan. Please let us give our zakat or sadaqa as gardan churai (the term used to elaborate anything that is given for freedom of persons from captivation). Help Azhar and praise Allah for all he has given us. One of the Hope Founder has donated Rs.10,000 so Rs. 85000 left. The case has been thoroughly investigated.