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Under its Public Assistance Programme, Hope Uplift Foundation (HUF) is starting a Medical Center to offer affordable medicines and medical services to the poor residents of the area in and around the Kamahan Village, Lahore. Hope Uplift Foundation (HUF) is planning to purchase a 1 Kanal Plot in the Kamahan Village at a cost of […]

Public Assistance has been one of the most certain programs of Hope Uplift Foundation. And our modes of dealing with programs under this branch have resulted in major success with tons of success stories. This Program basically deals with different prospects of aid. The donations are used to pay off debts, Medical relief, matrimony, vocational […]

Hope Uplift Foundation has always emphasized on quality education as it’s the only solution to improve the lives of children. Therefore, to cater to those masses who cannot afford to give their children quality education many projects have been under our umbrella like the Quran Program for basic Islamic education, then the Hope Uplift Foundation […]

Hope Uplift Foundation has been working vastly on Hunger Relief programs now. Many Hunger drives and campaigns have been launched to help those who are not financially stable to feed their families. Some of the programs under Hunger relief category are Rashion donations, Atta and cheap food stalls at different places in the city. “A […]

This Program is solely dedicated for Shelter relief projects that are carried off after a complete check. Usually this project involves providing Shelter homes, roof fixing in case of natural disasters, and emergency cases that are catered through our fundraisers. No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. To donate […]

Our “Reach to Allah” Project has been an aid for many! With paying off debt for those who were not financially strong, gives us the leverage to set them free from the torment of debt that has destroyed many families. This success story is an example of how your donations can really make a difference. […]

Hope Uplift Foundation (HUF) provides support for marriage of young girls from impoverished families who cannot afford the marriage expenses. No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. To donate click on ‘Needed Donation‘ button you see above.

The other case is of a boy whose parents died when he was very young. His grandparents looked after him. He started working at a very young age, saved his income and made a house of one room. He took loan for that of 5 lac. Out of that 4 lac have been paid off […]

Azhar has a handicapped child from birth who had three surgeries but the child is totally paralyzed. He took one loan from his office where he has a small job and will slowly pay them back. The other loan from his sisters in-laws of Rs. 1 lac. Some of the money he has paid back […]