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Public Assistance

Public Assistance has been one of the most successful programs of Hope Uplift Foundation while our modes of dealing with programs under this model have produced many success stories. Under this Programme, HUF has helped over 200,000 needy over a period of over 20 years since its inception. Following are some of the services being extended to the deserving:


Our flagship Programme is Education. Based on the State of the Art infrastructure, HUF Schools have educated a multitude of students for just 100 PKR since 2004. Out of 2000 students, 1500 students have already been sponsored while the working for the rest of the students is in full swing Hope Uplift Foundation has always emphasized on quality education as it’s the only solution to improve the lives of children. Currently running 2 virtually free Schools from Play Group to Matric for the children belonging to financially challenged and underprivileged families along with the provision of free uniform, books, shoes, bags and stationery free of cost. Special focus is given to Quran, Computer Science, Arts, Music and other extracurricular activities to impart better learning skills amongst the students.

HUF Programs

HUF programs are well planned out so we can touch and then uplift the most important parts of our society

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