• Address: 233-Y Block, Commercial Area First floor, Phase 3, Dha Lahore, Pakistan
  • 042-3718-6005
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Lubna Shakoh

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Address: 233-Y Block, Commercial Area First floor, Phase 3, Dha Lahore, Pakistan

  • Phone: 042-3718-6005

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HUF’s Founder: Lubna Shakoh lived in Phase 3 of DHA, Lahore which is close to an under privileged area. This area has all kinds of skilled and unskilled labor, e.g. plumbers, mechanics, house maids, drivers, etc. She used to often go to the area with her children to give food, clothes, and other donations and with her frequent visits she became familiar with the people there. Once in the middle of winter in the year 2000 she found out about a laborer who had a good number of dependents, but he only earned PKR 100-150 per day. He was not able to make ends meet and his roof fell down as well. Lubna’s husband is a nephrologist and they knew a lot of people, so she called some of her friends to collect money for fixing the roof. She felt good about this, and took on more cases afterwards.

With time, besides doing the cases, she opened up a small school, clinic, a vocational training center, a welfare shop and also started micro-financing by the year 2010. All of this was being done on a small scale. Her vision was basically to create a ‘One Stop Shop’ for humanity where one could have access to loans, send their children to school, and have their daughters learn a trade/skill. If there was a widow or an elderly couple she put them on a ration program. Read More


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