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HUF Store – A Valuable Opportunity Shop for The Underprivileged

HUF Store – A Valuable Opportunity Shop for The Underprivileged

Hope Uplift Foundation has initiated a project to raise funds for donations, by launching its HUF Store. Here people can buy clothes and other household items which includes kitchen or household wares, kid’s toys, gardening tools, purses, art, pottery, books, games, cards, home decor antiques & collectibles. The money generated from these sales would then be distributed among the poverty-stricken & destitute.

This shop is the opposite of what one might think of as a stereotypical “Charity Store”. Everything is organised into its respective categories; the flow of the store is straightforward and people are encouraged to donate whatever unused household valuables they can as this would help Hope Uplift Foundation to grow and thrive.

HUF store has been operating since 2010 and is now able to generate donations of more than 0.3 million per month on average. Our model of the store operates in such a way that we get quality products from donors and sell them to consumers on very reasonable and affordable prices with
the aim of bridging the gap between rich and poor. Categories of products include Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Kids & Children, Home, Appliances and Accessories. To improve the quality of the products, they are washed and sanitized before they are displayed in the store to ensure that no compromise is made when it comes to quality. Inventory is constantly turning over and being updated with new and exciting products.

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