• Address: 73/4 K Block Commercial Area, D.H.A Phase 1, Lahore, Pakistan
  • 042-37186005 | 0300 8449319
  • 73/4 K Block Commercial Area, D.H.A Phase 1, Lahore, Pakistan
  • 042-37186005 | 0300 8449319



Where there is hope, there is faith, where there is faith, miracles happen.

Let’s share the story of an NGO which was started by a housewife, Mrs. Lubna Shakoh. She felt the great discrepancy between the rich and the poor and wanted to bridge the gap between them. She started on a small scale from her house and it took sixteen years of hard work and dedication to develop this NGO into a well-respected and reputed entity.

By the grace of Allah, HUF has the certification of PCP (Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy).   It is income tax exempted and has its account with Bank Alfalah for the last 15 years. It is also registered as a trust with the registrar of companies.

Since 16 years, HUF as a reflection of its name gives hope to the underprivileged and uplifts them by offering many windows to help. HUF deals with Public Assistance, Education, Microfinance, Vocational Training, Women Empowerment, Water, Health and Food.


Where ever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.


Let me do good now for I shall not pass this path again.


HUF has many feathers in its cap. These are as follows:

  • The ICI Dulux paints had a competition of 26 NGOs in their donation program and HUF won the first prize.
  • Our donors trusted us and Mr. Inqasar Nawaz donated us PKR 4,500,000/-. Our school campus was built in just 4 months at a cost of PKR 5,200,000/-
  • Our HUF school children compete in all competitions and always bring back prizes.
  • We have married more than 1,000 couples.
  • The most honored achievement of Hope Uplift Foundation is the donation of a 4 canal plot in DHA (429-EE, Phase-4, DHA, Lahore) for our school building, where 1000 children will study in the morning and 1,000 in the evening for just Rs.100 per month. These schools will be English medium. The total cost of building this school is 100 Million and it is currently under construction.
  • The big construction company Habib Rafique has donated us 40 Million and is also building our school to uplift.

Mission & Vision Statement



To act as a bridge between the rich and the poor


The mission of HUF is to be of assistance to underprivileged individuals and families with our programs, resources and expertise while engaging with the elite communities, our members and supporters as well as our youth. We encourage people to take lead roles within the organization.


To provide public assistance to individuals and families
To provide micro-finance in the form of interest-free loans ranging from PKR 5,000/- to PKR 100,000 for as long as the program is in place
To focus mainly on individuals operating small businesses who need debt re-consolidation and/or medical treatments
To encourage the community to INVEST in this scheme
To provide affordable medical care
To register all of our HUF Charity School students for a monthly check up by visiting doctors
To refer all patients to specialists (friends of HUF) whence we can no longer assist them
To provide affordable clothing and household items in low income areas
To sell donated items at a fraction of their actual worth
To establish recycling stations in different points of Lahore
By involving the youth in their educational institutions to recycle paper and plastic
To install electricity/gas connections in households of families who otherwise could not afford it
To repair fallen/leaky roofs (especially in the winter)
To offer financial assistance to medical patients suffering from TB, renal diseases, severe burns, etc.
To provide assistance to families who are obliged to provide their daughters with a dowry at the time of their marriage
To provide employment to as many underprivileged individuals through our projects
To relieve suffering caused by hunger
Provide monthly ration packages to widows and elderly persons
To serve subsidized meals at the rate of PKR 10/- to PKR 600/- low-income earners daily

HUF’s Founder: Lubna Shakoh lived in Phase 3 of DHA, Lahore which is close to an under privileged area. This area has all kinds of skilled and unskilled labor, e.g. plumbers, mechanics, house maids, drivers, etc. She used to often go to the area with her children to give food, clothes, and other donations and with her frequent visits she became familiar with the people there. Once in the middle of winter in the year 2000 she found out about a laborer who had a good number of dependents, but he only earned PKR 100-150 per day. He was not able to make ends meet and his roof fell down as well. Lubna’s husband is a nephrologist and they knew a lot of people, so she called some of her friends to collect money for fixing the roof. She felt good about this, and took on more cases afterwards.


Hope Uplift Foundation

PKR 5 Million Interest-free loans given.


Thousands were helped for providing clean water by the grace of Allah.

25,000 Children have been given education, scholarships, and vocational training.

14,000 have been served with food, atta, rashan.

More than 150 women are empowered with HUF monthly as directors and teachers.

HUF Projects

Our Main Projects

Head Office

Hope Uplift Foundation has its headquarter in DHA Phase 1 where all operations are taken care of. From donations to core meetings, everything is discussed thoroughly at this headquarter.

HUF School

Hope Uplift Foundation DHA Campus was inaugurated by Senior Officials of DHA in October 2018. Hope Uplift Foundation has always emphasized on quality education.

HUF Store

Hope Uplift Foundation (HUF) Store is the place where different household and other items are offered for sale at discounted rates. The ultimate profit is levied on donating and helping needy people.

HUF Medical Center

HUF Medical Center offers medicines to patients at minimal rates. It helps patient get affordable medical checkups regularly.


Our Current Partners & Sponsors

Financial Reports

Hope Uplift Foundation

We are very proud to share our audit reports with donors, benefactors and friends of Hope Uplift Foundation (HUF).

Download Our Latest Audit Reports :

Audit Report 2017 – 2018.

Audit Report 2016 – 2017

Audit Report 2015 – 2016

Audit Report 2014 – 2015