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Giving your donations the right direction

Giving your donations the right direction

“Giving is the act of Grace” and that “No-one has ever become poor by giving for charity” as we believe in giving charity in the name of the Almighty. Every person has this duty of giving back to society according to his/her financial capacities. In return opens the gates of prosperity, blessings, and humbleness in one’s personality. This belief has led us to work for the betterment of this society. Established this concept, we at HUF have this duty of encouraging our donors to make this sure that they justify the reason for channelizing all their donations through us. All our donors are dear to us, to the society and all the people linked to it.

Presenting you one of our recent cases of this humble man whom we reached out to provide assistance. He was devastated due to lack of financials but his commitment to hard work had not vanished. We at HUF never miss any such opportunity of assisting by providing an auto rickshaw that he can now use to generate a healthy income to feed his family. This event is nothing but a miracle for this man who believed in himself, to never give up and keep on struggling without diverting on a negative track.

We are happy to present you a short clip of him which shows that it’s a big sigh of relief for him, that he feels financially secure and can now take pride in being self-employed, without being dependent on anyone.

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