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Giving Charity in the Last Ten Days of Ramadan : A Guide

Introduction :

The holy month of Ramadan instills in all Muslims, a sense of piety and piousness. This is reflected by an increased number of donations during the last ten days of Ramadan . Muslims all over the world give Sadaqah in Ramadan in the form of money, for acquiring closeness to Allah (SWT). However, money is one way of giving donations; there are other ways of donating as well.

Because Charity during Ramadan is the most popular way of donating worldwide, Muslims follow the suit as well. However, some Muslims find it hard to figure out how, when and where should they donate. That is where this article is likely to come handy. In this article, we’ll discuss the variations you can try, concerning giving charity in Ramadan.

How to give donations during Ramadan?

Giving money is one way of giving donations during Ramadan. In the current circumstances, considering how the underprivileged are suffering, money is of course of great assistance. However, that is not the only donation you can make. Let us have a look at some other ways of giving donations during Ramadan.

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities for social work this Ramadan? Non-profits, local service organizations, charity shops, welfare organizations, and local community service centers are always looking for volunteers who can help set up iftar drives for the poor. Tending the sick among underprivileged is also a kind of donation. Similarly, disseminating the knowledge about something you have is also a kind of donation, a Sadqah-e-Jariya.

In short, there are plenty of ways through which you can give donations during Ramadan. E.g. giving out clothes donation.

When to give donations during Ramadan?

Usually, all kinds of donations are made towards the  last 10 days of Ramadan. These donations include Zakat, Fitrana, and Sadqah.

The whole idea behind giving in Ramadan is to help the poor. Now, what are these poor folks going to use your money for? Of course, to buy basic food provisions and medical supplies. The Fitrana money is given as a donation during Ramadan so that the poor can celebrate the joyous festival of Eid-ul-Fitr. Ask yourselves. If your money is not reaching the poor on time, is it helping them? Hence, to answer the query, charity during Ramadan must be planned before the second week of Ramadan, just to be on a safe side.

Ramadan and Charity

It is important to discuss the significance of charitable acts at this point. Muslims pay 2.5 percent of their annual savings in the form of Zakat. It is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam. In the context of this discussion, Zakat has quite a significant bit of importance. An Islamic obligation, which can serve as a source of relief for those who are struggling financially, Zakat, makes a lot of difference. Apart from helping the poor, Zakat serves many other purposes as well. It helps in the purification of the soul. Zakat also helps a Muslim in seeking Allah’s mercy and forgiveness!

Where to give donations during Ramadan?

You can give donations during Ramadan, to any not for profit organization. If you find going down there too cumbersome while you are fasting, you can always donate online. One such platform where you can donate online is Hope Uplift Foundation

Hope Uplift Foundation raise funds & awareness for the ‘Underprivileged Communities’ in & around Lahore, working towards making underprivileged individuals grow. At Hope Uplift Foundation (HUF) strives to improve the lives of thousands of low-income (or no-income) Pakistanis who struggle to provide themselves and their families with basic necessities on a daily basis.

Hope Uplift Foundation’s Efforts :

With your consistent support, Hope Uplift Foundation was able to achieve the following during Covid – 19 Pandemic Breakdown situation and Ramadan :

  • 4000 Ration Packs (Including sanitizers & soaps) were distributed among the poor.

  • 10,000 masks were given out to the one’s who couldn’t afford it themselves.

  • PKR 250,000 cash donated to Jobless people.

  • A brand new ventilator machine was installed at Jinnah Hospital

  • 10 ICU Beds (Corona Ward) were arranged at Jinnah Hospital

  • 08 Cardiac Critical Care Monitors were installed at Jinnah Hospital

  • 02 Cardiac Critical Care Monitors were installed at Gulab Devi Hospital

  • 200 coats were given to the doctors

Charity During Ramadan

Conclusion :

No matter how much time you spend on the prayer mat, if you do not feel for your fellow humans, it is just not worth it. Make sure that you validate your fasting this Ramadan by giving more donations. Helping humanity is one of the best ways of acquiring Allah’s closeness and mercy!