A medical treatment can prevent an organ from failing, an Illness from spreading, a condition from deteriorating, or a lifetime of suffering


Located in the slum locality of Alnoor Town, Walton Road, Lahore, the dispensary provides medical care to the poor. Over 75 patients receive care daily. Medicine for two days is provided at just Rs 30/- per patient. We also make arrangements for more serious medical procedures like surgeries, artificial limbs, and deliveries through C-section.


Our Mobile Health Unit visits different impoverished villages around Lahore which do not have easy access to medical facilities. We provide medical care for the poor at their doorsteps on a daily basis, with a follow-up to the same area after a week. A qualified MBBS Doctor, experienced Nurse, and Security Gaurd are on staff. We provide three days of medicine at just Rs 30/- per patient. We also hold regular medical camps for arthritis, cardiology, eye treatment, general medicines, mammograms, rheumatic pains and aches, lung ailments and for spreading awareness on health.

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