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A Charity done right is a Charity done without any intention.

A Charity done right is a Charity done without any intention.

Hope Uplift Foundation has been working on the “Reach to Allah” project for quite some time now. And this project has done wonders for many, especially for the ones willing to do Charity that can actually be of help for those who are really deserving off it. This project makes sure that anybody who’s under debt gets free of its torment as soon as possible. And that He/She has the right to live a stress-free life with no debts to pay off. 

One of the prominent examples under this Project has been a case of this humble lady who was under the debt of land owner. She was devastated by the inability to payback the debt. And that is where Hope Uplift Foundation team reached out the lady and payed back a debt of Rs. 200,000 on her behalf. This act of kindness felt like a blessing to her. She was immensely pleased and happy taking a sigh of relief. Her smiling face was a sign of we succeeding as a NGO who is there to deliver.

This case has been presented to you as an insight of how we are working hard to help only those who really deserve it. And that we as an NGO make it sure that your funds are utilized in the best possible manner. We urge all to please donate with an open heart so that more projects like these can be initiated. 

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